EURZAR Forecast – Positive Trend in SA Markets


FxNews—In today’s comprehensive EURZAR forecast, we will examine South Africa’s current economic conditions and meticulously analyze the currency pair’s technical analysis.

Positive Trend in SA Markets

Bloomberg—Ending the week on a high note, South Africa’s main stock index, the JSE All Share Index, saw a significant increase, finishing 2.1% up, its highest point in over two weeks. This rise on Friday continued a winning streak, with the index climbing for the third day in a row.

External Influences and Domestic Dynamics

This uptick followed a United States jobs report that fell short of expectations and a Services PMI survey for October that did not meet projections, leading investors to believe that the U.S. Federal Reserve may pause its interest rate hikes. On the local front, South Africa witnessed a contraction in its private sector for the first time in three months, as revealed by a recent PMI survey.

Nonetheless, back on the corporate stage, most market sectors enjoyed substantial growth, with mining, industrial, and technology firms standing out. Wrapping up the week, the JSE marked a 4.9% overall gain, its most robust weekly performance since the beginning of the year.

EURZAR Technical Analysis and Forecast

The EURZAR currency pair is currently exhibiting a bearish trend, with the price breaking the bearish trend marked in blue. As the pair hovers below the Kernel line, our EURZAR forecast suggests it will likely target S2 (19.09).

EURZAR Forecast - Positive Trend in SA Markets

EURZAR Forecast – Positive Trend in SA Markets

For a more detailed insight into the EURZAR forecast, let’s zoom into the 4H chart. S1 is acting as resistance to the bearish trend, and the Lorentzian Classification indicator confirms that the market is likely to decline further. The pair is currently testing S2. The bullish candlesticks are small and weak, indicating that S2 might not hold much longer. In this case, the next target would be S3.

Positive Trend in SA Markets

Positive Trend in SA Markets – 4H Chart

The pivot supports the bearish scenario. If the bulls close above 20.0, the bearish scenario will be invalidated, and the next target for the bulls will be the upper line of the channel.

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  • 5 November 2023