Forex Workshop – USDCZK Forecast – December-22-2023


FxNews – In this comprehensive forex technical analysis, we examine the USDCZK currency pair on daily and 4-hour chart. By the end of this article, you will learn how to efficiently utilize trendlines, channels, and Fibonacci levels on your chart. These techniques will assist you in extracting priceless information from a chart. Consequently, they will guide you on how to predict the Forex market and filter out false signals.

Forex Technical Analysis Workshop

The USDCZK currency pair rose to the 22.7 resistance area, which is in conjunction with the Ichimoku cloud. The value of the currency pair once again decreased and closed below the 50% level of the Fibonacci support. However, the decline was halted by the bullish trendline, as shown in the USDCZK daily chart.

Forex Workshop - USDCZK Forecast - December-22-2023

Forex Technical Analysis Workshop – Daily Chart

Reading the Forex Technical Indicators

The pair is attempting to stabilize itself above the 50% level of the Fibonacci support. The technical indicators are providing mixed data. The Awesome Oscillator bars are green, suggesting the bullish wave may continue. On the other hand, the RSI indicator hovers below the median line, signaling that bearish momentum is prevailing.

Despite the forex technical indicators’ mixed data, the USDCZK pair is ranging above the bullish trendline, which solely provides support for the bulls, as long as the pair hovers above it.

Forex Workshop - USDCZK Forecast - December-22-2023

USDCZK Forecast – Daily Chart

Support and Resistance in Forex: The sweet spots

We shall zoom into the lower time frame to have a better insight into the USDCZK forecast and technical analysis. First and foremost, we should identify highs and lows in the currency pair’s 4-hour chart, and then draw lines, channels, and trendlines.

Forex Workshop - USDCZK Forecast - December-22-2023

Support and Resistance Areas – 4H Chart

Please refer to the chart below, which offers valuable data on price action. The currency pair closed above the Ichimoku cloud in mid-December. However, it failed to sustain its position, resulting in the price falling below the Ichimoku cloud. The first signal for the end of the bullish wave was when the sellers crossed below the rising channel in the 4-hour chart.

Consequently, the decline eased at the 78.6% Fibonacci support.

Forex Workshop - USDCZK Forecast - December-22-2023

Forex Technical Analysis – 4H Chart

So far, we have gathered valuable data from both the daily and 4-hour charts. Our conclusion is that the USDCZK pair has erratic moves and trading the pair seems to be risky since it constantly changes direction. The technical indicators in the 4-hour chart provide mixed signals. The price is below the Ichimoku cloud, which is a sign of a bearish trend.

However, our momentum indicators are at a level of uncertainty. The Awesome Oscillator bars have narrowed down, and the RSI indicator has been clinging to the middle line for almost a week now.

Forex technical analysis workshop – USDCZK Forecast

Forex technical analysis workshop – USDCZK Forecast

USDCZK Forecast: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the market trend is bearish as long as the pair hovers below the Ichimoku cloud. This resistance area has further support from the 38.2% Fibonacci level. In this scenario, we expect the USDCZK price to experience a decline to its recent lows, which are located around the 78.6% level. This support area is in conjunction with the bearish channel.

On the flip side, the bearish technical analysis should be invalidated if the USDCZK price crosses above the cloud.

Please note that the more you trade, the more you expose yourself to risk. Therefore, it’s wise to understand market behavior before it’s too late. This approach helps manage risks and prevent significant losses. My goal is to guide you in avoiding common mistakes in trading forex and other CFD products.

Recently, the USDCZK has been surprising investors. In such situations, a forex trader’s best move is either to hedge their positions or shift to a more stable trading instrument. With hundreds of trading products available, adopting this strategy can help you sidestep errors. Remember, mistakes in Forex often lead to financial loss. So, be cautious and gather as much data as possible before entering the market.

I wish you all happy and successful trading.

  • 22 December 2023
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