USDCHF Technical Analysis – October-15-2023


FxNews – Our USDCHF analysis begins with a comprehensive look at recent market trends and their potential implications. In September 2023, the cost of goods made and imported by Switzerland fell by 1.0 percent compared to the same month in the previous year. This is a bigger drop than the 0.8 percent decrease seen in August 2023.

This marks the fifth month in a row where prices have fallen, making it the biggest drop since February 2021. The main reason for this is that the cost of imports kept getting cheaper (a 4.7 percent decrease compared to a 4.1 percent decrease in August), while the prices of goods made in Switzerland eased up a bit (a decrease of 0.9 percent compared to a decrease of 1.0 percent).

USDCHF Technical Analysis

The USDCHF pair has recently exhibited some interesting bearish behavior. The pair tested the 0.382 level on the Fibonacci retracement, a significant event that occurred after testing the broken support at the 0.236 level. This is a crucial observation for traders as these levels often serve as strong support or resistance in the market.

The USDCHF price is currently trading within a bearish channel, a development that took place after the bears managed to break out of the previous bullish channel. This breakout is a clear indication of the strength of the bearish sentiment in the market, and traders should take note of this shift in market dynamics.

USDCHF Technical Analysis - October-15-2023

USDCHF Technical Analysis-December-27-2023

Furthermore, with the USDCHF pair trading below the Ichimoku cloud, the bearish bias is validated. The Ichimoku cloud is a popular technical analysis tool that provides a comprehensive view of the market’s trend, momentum, and support and resistance levels. When a currency pair trades below this cloud, it often signals a bearish trend.

Looking ahead, if this bearish momentum continues, the next target for the USDCHF pair would be the 0.5 level of the Fibonacci retracement. This level could serve as a potential turning point for the pair, and traders should keep a close eye on how the price behaves around this level.

In conclusion, recent developments in the USDCHF market highlight the importance of using technical analysis tools such as Fibonacci retracements and the Ichimoku cloud in forex trading. By keeping an eye on these key levels and indicators, traders can gain valuable insights into market trends and make more informed trading decisions.

  • 15 October 2023
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