XRP Price Prediction After Lawsuit


In this article we will analyze the XRP price prediction after lawsuit.

The XRP price has found robust support near the previously broken resistance level of 0.514. This support level is crucial for the bullish outlook of the trend. If the XRP price can maintain its position above this level, we anticipate a potential rise towards the next resistance level, which is situated around 0.541.

xrp price prediction after lawsuit

XRPUSD – 4H Chart by TradingView

This bullish scenario is based on the assumption that the XRP price will continue to hold above the support level. However, it’s important to consider alternative scenarios in the volatile world of cryptocurrency trading.

On the flip side, if the XRPUSD pair closes below the R1 level, we would need to reconsider our bullish outlook. In this case, October 20th would be identified as the new higher low point in our analysis. This would indicate a potential shift in trend, and we could expect the XRP price to drop towards the pivot point of 0.494.

In conclusion, while the current trend for XRPUSD appears bullish with a potential rise to 0.541, traders should also prepare for a possible downturn if the pair closes below R1. As always in cryptocurrency trading, it’s essential to stay updated with market movements and adjust your strategies accordingly.

  • 22 October 2023
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