Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Downward Momentum & Pullbacks


Bitcoin Technical Analysis – Bitcoin‘s price once again dipped from the upper band of the bearish flag. This time, the downward momentum began at the $67,230 mark, and as of writing, the BTCUSD pair trades below the EMA 50 at about $63,890.

Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Downward Momentum

Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Downward Momentum

BTCUSD Technical Analysis

The technical indicators signaling the bear market will likely extend. The RSI indicator hovers below the 50 line and has some room to become oversold. The awesome oscillator bars are red and below the zero line. That said, the only indicator that suggests there might be a pullback in the bitcoin price is the Bolliger bands.

Currently, the bitcoin price exceeded the lower band of the Bollinger indicator, indicating that it might have a pullback. In addition to the Bollinger bands, the bitcoin price is close to $63,498, the 50% Fibonacci support level, interpreted as minor resistance that might pause the current downward momentum in today’s trading session.

Based on the data we received from the BTCUSD 4-hour chart, the price will likely experience a pullback to EMA 50, the $65,148 mark, before the bearish wave resumes. In this scenario, the next bearish touch base will likely be the %23.6 Fibonacci level, the $61,376 mark, followed by April’s low at $59,567.

Conversely, the bearish technical analysis of Bitcoin should be invalidated if the price crosses and stabilizes itself above the $67,230 resistance.

  • 25 April 2024
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