Ethereum Technical Analysis – October-14-2023


This Ethereum analysis aims to provide a deeper understanding of the current market dynamics and potential future movements.

Ethereum Technical Analysis

FxNews – Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, is currently undergoing a critical test of its $1,538 support level on the daily chart.

In recent weeks, Ethereum prices have bounced off this crucial supply area twice, indicating strong buying interest at this level. The Stochastic oscillator, a momentum indicator, has entered the oversold territory, suggesting that selling pressure may be waning. Additionally, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is displaying bullish divergence with the price action, signaling a potential reversal in the currency pair.

Ethereum Analysis

Ethereum Analysis – TradingView Daily Chart

If Ethereum can maintain its price above the $1,538 support level, with the RSI indicating divergence and the Stochastic oscillator signaling that ETHUSD has been oversold, we can anticipate a potential increase in value for this cryptocurrency pair in the upcoming trading sessions. At the very least, ETHUSD bulls may attempt to test the $1,631 pivot point before any further decline occurs.

Ethereum Analysis

Ethereum Analysis 4H Chart

Examining the 4-hour (4H) chart, we observe a bullish engulfing candlestick pattern, which is a positive sign for Ethereum’s price action. For this bullish scenario to be validated, it is advisable to wait for the bulls to close above the broken support at $1,579. With this confirmation, our expectations for a rise in Ethereum’s price will be reinforced, and the first target will be the pivot point at $1,631, followed by $1,715.

Conversely, if the bears manage to close below the $1,538 support level, the decline in Ethereum’s price may continue, rendering the bullish signals mentioned above invalid for the time being.

Ethereum Analysis: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this Ethereum analysis highlights the importance of key support and resistance levels in determining future price movements. Traders and investors should closely monitor these levels and other technical indicators to make informed decisions in this dynamic market.

  • 14 October 2023
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