EURJPY Forecast – December-26-2023


In today’s comprehensive EURJPY forecast, we will first scrutinize the price action of the currency pair. Following that, we will meticulously delve into the fundamental analysis pertaining to the trading asset.

EURJPY Forecast: A Detailed Technical Analysis

FxNews – The EURJPY currency pair is currently in a critical phase as it tests the Ichimoku cloud. This is a significant event as the pair had successfully crossed above the cloud just last week, indicating a potential bullish trend. The recent decline that we’re witnessing could be interpreted as a consolidation phase. This is a common occurrence in the market where after a significant move, the price action tends to ‘rest’ before continuing its trend.

However, it’s important to note that if the pair continues to decline and moves below the cloud, the bullish bias should be reconsidered. This would imply that the Ichimoku signal, which was initially indicating a bullish trend, could potentially be false.

From a technical analysis standpoint, as long as the pair remains within the channel and above the 50% Fibonacci support level, the short-term trend can still be considered bullish. The Fibonacci retracement levels are widely used in technical analysis to identify potential areas of support and resistance. In this case, the 50% level seems to be acting as a strong support for the pair. If the pair continues to hover within these parameters, the target could be the upper band of the bullish flag pattern.

EURJPY Forecast - December-26-2023

EURJPY Technical Analysis – 4H Chart

Euro Hits $1.1: Rate Cuts & ECB’s Next Step

Bloomberg – We’ve all seen the currency charts dance this year, haven’t we? And now, the euro’s doing a little victory twirl, spinning up to $1.1 – its highest groove in five months. Here’s the scoop: the latest PCE inflation numbers from the US have got everyone buzzing that the Fed might just loosen its grip on those interest rates next year. And get this, some are whispering about a rate cut as soon as March.

Meanwhile, over in the eurozone, traders are perched on the edge of their seats, eyes wide, waiting to see if the ECB will join the party and start trimming those borrowing costs. Could they match the Fed’s rhythm? Some say yes, but the ECB’s head honchos seem to be tapping their feet to a different beat.

And if we zoom out to the big picture, the euro’s been quietly flexing its muscles all year. When the final bell rang, it stood about 3% stronger. Not too shabby for a currency that many thought was down for the count, right?

  • 26 December 2023
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