EURRON Forecast – November-4-2023


FxNews – The currency pair is currently experiencing a phase of consolidation, characterized by its movement within a confined range. This situation reflects a lack of significant momentum in the market. Despite several attempts by the pair to breach the 4.98 threshold, these efforts have consistently fallen short, indicating a struggle for dominance between buyers and sellers.

FxNews analysts caution against engaging in trades with the EURRON pair under these ranging conditions. The advice is to adopt a wait-and-see approach, observing whether the pair will successfully surpass the 4.98 resistance level or fall below the 4.95 support line. A definitive move beyond these boundaries could potentially indicate the direction of the next market trend. This level of uncertainty underscores the importance of strategic patience and careful analysis in currency trading.

EURRON Forecast - November-4-2023

EURRON Forecast – Daily Chart

Joblessness Drops to Two-Year Low in Romania

Bloomberg – In October 2023, Romania saw its unemployment rate drop slightly to 5.4%, a decrease from the revised 5.5% in the preceding month. This marks the lowest rate of joblessness the country has experienced since September 2021. The total number of unemployed individuals fell by 2.3 thousand, reaching 446.5 thousand. Interestingly, while the unemployment rate for men dipped from 5.8% to 5.7%, the rate for women remained steady at 5.1%. When looking back at the same period last year, there’s a noticeable reduction of 14.1 thousand in the number of people without jobs.


  • 4 December 2023
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