Memecoin Trading Kicks Off on Binance


Cryptocurrencies News – Binance, a top name in the crypto exchange world, has just added Memecoin ($MEME) to its list. Memecoin comes from Memeland by 9GAG and is fresh from a successful start on Binance’s Launchpool. By bringing Memecoin into the mix, Binance aims to get more people to notice it and tap into the fan base of Memeland and 9GAG.

Memecoin Trading Kicks Off on Binance

Bloomberg—Traders on Binance can now trade Memecoin with different currency pairs, including BNB, BTC, USDT, FDUSD, TUSD, and TRY. Binance isn’t stopping there; they’re setting up Trading Bots for MEME/USDT trades soon and cutting the maker fees to zero on some trades for a while. Binance Futures is also getting in on the action by offering a MEME contract that lets traders make bigger moves with up to 50 times more money than they put in.

Memecoin isn’t just about trading. It’s looking to shake things up by joining the world of NFTs, online games, and virtual realities. Even with these cool plans, MEME’s price has decreased by 20% in the last week, and its market value has dropped by 21%, now at $186,677,418. Still, people are trading it a lot, with a steady volume of $198,172,059 and a price tag of $0.02127 for each MEME.

Memeland’s big plans, like giving away Memecoins and selling them at low prices to make them more popular, even when prices increase. They already have $10 million ready for these big sales and think the price could increase to $0.1 from just $0.001.

In other news, there’s a new meme coin on the block called Memeinator (MMTR). It’s all about AI and has vibes of Shiba Inu and other famous meme coins. It’s still in the early selling phase but has already gathered over $1.1 million. MMTR isn’t just another coin; it’s part of a gaming world and NFTs, and if you own some, you can earn more by “staking” them.

The team behind MMTR has their sights set high, hoping to hit a market value of $1 billion. Currently, MMTR is going for $0.0125 and is expected to rise to $0.049 while it’s still in the presale phase.

  • 3 November 2023