USDNOK Forecast – February-7-2024


FxNews – The USDNOK currency pair (U.S. Dollar vs. Norwegian Krone) trades at 10.55, the 23.6% Fibonacci support level. The Norwegian Krone has gained value since it hit the 10.72 resistance on Monday. The technical indicators show mixed signals in the daily chart. The awesome oscillator is bullish, while the relative strength index is declining toward the median line.

usdnok forecast

USDNOK Forecast Daily Chart

Zoom into the USDNOK 4-hour chart to better understand the pair’s price action.

USDNOK Forecast: A Technical Analysis

The technical indicators provide more precise data on the 4-hour chart. The awesome oscillator bars are red, and the RSI indicator flipped below the 50 level. However, the bears are fighting the 23.6% Fibonacci support at the 10.57 mark. Given that the price hovers below the bullish flag’s median line, the Norwegian Krone will likely drop the U.S. dollar to the 38.2% level of Fibonacci support, the 10.4 mark. For this scenario to happen, the market should remain below the 10.63 minor resistance.

USDNOK Forecast

USDNOK Forecast 4-Hour Chart

Conversely, if the bulls stabilize the price above the 10.57 Fibonacci resistance, the bearish scenario should be invalidated. The next bullish target could then be the upper band of the flag.

  • 7 February 2024
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