USDSIT Forecast: Improves in Slovenia CCI


FxNews—In today’s comprehensive USDSIT forecast, we will first scrutinize Slovenia’s current economic conditions. Then, we will meticulously delve into the details of the technical analysis pertaining to the EURPLN pair.

Understanding Slovenia’s CCI in November 2023

Reuters — In November 2023, Slovenia witnessed a marginal improvement in consumer confidence, with the index increasing to -32 from -33 in the previous month. This slight change indicates more optimism among Slovenian consumers compared to October. Several factors contributed to this uptick in confidence.

Firstly, consumers felt slightly better about their household’s current financial situation, which rose to a score of 23 from 21 in October. This improvement suggests that more people felt their economic conditions were stable or improving.

Additionally, there was a less negative view of present savings, with the score improving from -16 to -15. This change might indicate that people found it a bit easier to save money or were less concerned about their savings depleting.

  • Another critical aspect, the inflation outlook, showed a minor change, moving from 42 to 41. While still high, this slight decrease could imply a marginal easing of concerns about rising prices.
  • The outlook for future major purchases improved, with the score changing from -37 to -33. This suggests that more consumers consider making significant purchases, reflecting confidence in their financial future.

Economic Situation and Price Assessment

There was less pessimism when assessing the country’s economic situation over the past twelve months (-41 compared to -43). Similarly, the view on prices during the same period was slightly less negative, with a score of 77 versus 78.

Areas of Concern

Despite these improvements, there were areas where the consumer outlook deteriorated. The country’s future economic situation saw a decline in confidence, dropping from -50 to -48. Similarly, the outlook on household financial status a year ahead worsened slightly, from -24 to -26.

Expectations regarding unemployment (20 versus 19) and future savings (-19 versus -18) also showed a negative turn. These changes indicate growing concerns about job security and the ability to save in the future.

Overall Impact on the Economy

While the slight improvement in consumer confidence in Slovenia is a positive sign, the mixed outlook suggests a cautious approach from consumers. The increase in confidence can positively influence spending and economic activity, but concerns about the future economic situation and personal financial status could act as a restraint.

The overall impact on the Slovenian economy will likely be neutral to slightly positive. The increased confidence might lead to more consumer spending, which benefits economic growth. However, lingering concerns about the future could keep this spending in check, preventing any significant financial boost.

USDSIT Technical Analysis and Forecast

Today’s USDSIT forecast explores the U.S. dollar against the Slovenian Tolar on the daily chart. Despite the bears’ efforts to cross below the 61.8% Fibonacci level, their attempts seem unsuccessful. However, given the strong bearish sentiment, this level might not be sustained for long.


USDSIT – Daily Chart

The ADX indicator is above the 30 mark, signaling a strong trend. We anticipate the pair will retest the broken, bearish trend line, potentially reaching the 50% Fibonacci retracement level in its corrective phase. Should the price remain below the 220-resistance mark, the possibility of USDSIT targeting the 78.6% Fibonacci level would align with current expectations.

  • 2023-11-22