Beware the Bitcoin ATM Scams on the Rise!


Cryptocurrencies News – Heads up, everyone! Bitcoin ATM scams are skyrocketing, and people are losing heaps of cash because of sneaky tricksters.

Just recently, Jim Meduri from San Jose was shocked by a phone call. Someone pretending to be his son rang him up, spinning a yarn about a car crash. The Los Angeles Times spilled the beans. But wait, it gets wilder! The fibbers also acted like a lawyer and a clerk, cooking up a tale about moving Meduri’s “son” to Nevada due to mumps at the jail. Worried sick, Meduri dashed to a Bitcoin ATM to send the “bail.” He dropped $15,000 into the slot, sent it off, and realized it was all a scam.

Officials Cracking Down on Crypto Cons

That’s not the only story. These con artists use Bitcoin ATMs, popping up everywhere from your corner store to your favorite bakery, to pull off their scams. Why? Because paying with cash for cryptos like Bitcoin is like using a money cloak—it’s hard to track.

But hold on! The good guys are catching on. To shield folks from these hoaxers, California’s laying down the law. Come January, you can only swap $1,000 a day at crypto ATMs. Plus, starting in 2025, the fees will be capped. This move, signed off by the Governor, keeps scammers from draining people’s wallets.

A Balancing Act: Safety vs. Innovation

Digital money scams aren’t new, but they’re growing fast. The Federal Trade Commission found that scams have snatched over $1 billion in cryptos and tens of thousands of victims since 2021. Tighter ATM rules could give people precious time to sniff out scams before they run out of cash.

But here’s the twist: Bitcoin ATM folks aren’t happy. These strict rules might squash their business and hurt the little shops hosting the ATMs. Sure, scams are bad, but they’re everywhere, they argue. Instead of hard caps, they want smarter checks for big bucks and eagle eyes on fishy deals.

“We need the right mix of safety and innovation,” says Charles Belle from the Blockchain group, pushing for a middle ground.


Bitcoin ATM scams are on the upswing, tricking people out of big money. Recent events showcase fraudsters’ cunning tactics, like a case in San Jose involving a fake car accident and bail request. With scams getting craftier, California’s stepping up with new rules to protect folks, limiting how much can be swapped for crypto daily. But ATM operators worry these rules might be too tough, hurting more than helping. They’re pushing for smarter solutions, not just stricter limits.

  • 23 October 2023