Robert Kiyosaki Bitcoin Prediction – $135K BTC Amid USD Woes


Cryptocurrencies News – As Bitcoin’s wild ride keeps everyone guessing, big names are dropping hints about where it might head next. Right now, Bitcoin is at $30,377, a tiny bit higher than yesterday.

But here’s something, the US dollar isn’t doing so hot, and Peter Schiff, a money expert, thinks trouble’s brewing. He’s talking big money problems like a long-lasting money slump and prices going up too fast, which isn’t good news for folks with dollars. But for Bitcoin, it might be a silver lining.

Then there’s Michael Saylor, a big Bitcoin fan, showing off how well his Bitcoin plan has worked. And he’s not alone in the cheering section. Robert Kiyosaki, the guy who wrote “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” thinks Bitcoin could shoot up to an amazing $135,000. He’s also big on gold, expecting it to do pretty well.

The Dollar’s Dive: Schiff’s Scary Prediction

Peter Schiff is worried. He thinks the US dollar’s in for a rough time because the country owes a lot of money, and there’s this thing called inflation making everything more expensive. He’s not a fan of how the government’s been handling things, saying they’re making it worse, not better.

Schiff believes that if the big buyers of US stuff start selling instead, the dollar will dip, and things will get messy. His tough talk might be making Bitcoin more popular since when the dollar’s down, Bitcoin often goes up.

Saylor Says Bitcoin’s a Winner

Michael Saylor, head of a company called MicroStrategy, is all about Bitcoin. He even shared a cool chart on social media showing how Bitcoin’s been doing way better than other money stuff since his company started buying it big time. We’re talking a 147% increase, beating out big markets and even gold.

His company loves Bitcoin so much; they bought more, now owning a stash worth a whopping $4.68 billion. This big move might be giving Bitcoin’s price a nudge up.

Kiyosaki’s Crystal Ball: Gold Glitters, Bitcoin Booms

Robert Kiyosaki thinks gold’s going places, but Bitcoin’s the star, aiming for a sky-high $135,000. But first, it might dip to $30,000, he says. He’s worried about inflation too, warning folks that saving in regular dollars might backfire.

Kiyosaki’s long been a cheerleader for gold, silver, and Bitcoin, calling them real money, unlike the “fake dollars.” He’s pretty doubtful about the dollar’s future and big on cryptocurrencies.

Predicting Bitcoin’s Next Move

Looking at Bitcoin’s recent price chart, there are some key numbers to watch. It’s swinging around $29,208, with the next big hurdle at $31,207. If it breaks through that, it could head for $32,440 or even $34,473. But if it starts slipping, it might drop to around $29,174 or lower.

robert kiyosaki bitcoin prediction

Robert Kiyosaki Bitcoin Prediction – 4H Chart by TradingView

  • 23 October 2023
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