Nothing Token explodes +112% overnight!


Cryptocurrencies News – With fresh energy hitting the crypto scene, Nothing Token (THING) has seen a massive 112% increase overnight. Lately, tokens launched on DEX have been making big waves, attracting many eyes. Names like APX, RAIN, MEGA, REFUND, DRS, and SNOR have all made a splash. But there’s a new player in town, causing quite a stir.

Nothing Token explodes +112% overnight!

For a while, people saw $THING as an old-timer. It first appeared in Spring 2023, and its arrival was shady. It came from a Twitter account that’s no longer around, called ‘Nothingsquer.’ There were whispers it might be a sketchy deal because when $THING showed up, it had a hefty 25% sell tax, and nearly half the tokens were in one big wallet.

But things are changing. $THING is coming back, thanks to some fresh tweets from a new account, ‘NothingSquare_.’ And guess what? People can start taking their tokens out again.

Wondering How High Nothing Token Could Go?

Right now, the price of Nothing Token is $0.067154, a whopping 112% increase in just a day. It managed to climb up from a low point of $0.063396, which lasted over a month after a big 84% drop on September 19.

What’s behind the big jump? Well, it seems traders have been pretty busy, with about $64k moving around in just 24 hours, thanks to 40 smart buyers.

Right now, THING’s trying to keep its footing at $0.067150. But it’s not all smooth sailing. Over 1,000 holders who bought when the price was higher might start selling, which could shake things up. In fact, in the last six hours, there have been more sales than buys—sales made up 63% of all the action.

So, what’s next for THING? It might slip back to a lower price for a bit. But with the market buzzing, there’s still a chance it could break through and climb higher.

  • 2023-10-23